Trying New Things



I used to make list after list of all the things I was going to do once I was skinny. I wish I could go back and tell myself that being skinny doesn’t make learning Spanish or how to use Photoshop any easier.

But what’s done is done. And as part of my new creative life where I listen to my gut and not my ego, I plan to tune into my inner Shia Labeouf and JUST DO IT. Now.  


Here are a few big and small things I want to accomplish while trying to live more intuitively and freely

Start a blog (check)

Maintain the blog and create all of my own design templates (basically, get back into graphic designing….semi-check)

Get real Lisa Loeb like glasses and rock em’ like nobodies business (check)

Take more pictures and keep them even if I don’t look so hot in them. 

Get some GOOD sleep

Dance around more

Get into gardening and decorating our ugly bedroom

Be more mindful and kind

Go to Rome (yeah sorry Joe, I’m not letting this one go anytime soon)


Go see Kimya Dawson, even if it’s by myself

Wear more red and things that make me feel pretty

Make my own essential oils

Wake up earlier

Laugh more

be more

Since life is an ongoing project, I know I’ll be adding and removing a bunch of different things to this list. All blog posts related to any of these “new things” will be linked and tagged to this page for easy finding.